What Self Care Really Means


What Self Care Really Means

Its plastered all over social media – self love, self care… but what actually is self care? Long walks in nature, hearty food, meditation, a nice long soak in the bath? Sure these are elements of self care, but they are just that… elements

Id like to walk you through self care from a slightly different perspective. As you may know I like to focus on three aspects of wellness: Mindest, Bodyset and Heartset. All three of these are crucial to unlocking your manifestation power to create the life you truly desire.

1. Mindset

What is happening with your emotions, are you honouring them? A lot of people either bury their emotions, they don’t want to acknowledge they are there. How do you talk to yourself? Do you constantly belittle yourself and tell yourself you aren’t good enough? We are all inherently guilty of this and we would never speak to someone we loved the way we speak to ourselves sometimes. Self care is about being kind to yourself and understanding that perfection is an illusion. A good place to start is by acknowledging your limiting beliefs and how they are keeping you stuck in your current reality. Not everyone can understand the thoughts in our head but it’s important to for us to have an outlet – this may be through your own supportive network, journalling or even speaking to someone external who is able to hold space for you.

2. Bodyset

This is where the long walks, moving your body, taking a bath come into play. Adequate nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise are all crucial elements of physical self care. You only get one body and that body will treat you how you treat it! What are you doing to nurture your physical body? Through honouring your body and showing up for yourself you are increasing the feel good vibrations and will attract your desires much quicker!

3. Heartset

Having some form of spiritual practice really helps to ground your body and mind. I am not meaning chanting and dancing around a fire (although that is fun) I am talking about the very basics of connecting with yourself  through breath. Breathing is KEY to self care, if you can master your breathing you can really navigate through life with strength. Also allowing yourself pleasure, the world has become so rigid in routine and diets. Denying yourself indulgence in any form can really shut down your soul… its all about balance. Having fun and connecting to yourself = fast tracking manifestations!

Self care really is my jam. I know how difficult it can be to implement it into our daily lives but with this I have experienced the negative impact lack of self care can have on living your best life. If you’re struggling with self care and need support I’d love for you to get in touch with me 🙂



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I’m Dr Asha Chhaya

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Dr Asha Chhaya is a London based Aesthetic Doctor and Women’s Health Coach, helping women to soften the signs of ageing and feel at home in their body again.

Her career began at Kings College Dental School in London, where she graduated with an Honours degree and two prestigious awards marking her academic excellence. Shortly thereafter, Dr Asha knew her true passions lay in Integrative Health and Preventative Anti-Ageing and progressed to achieve a Level 7 qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine, being amongst the first students to achieve this qualification. Dr Asha is also a Certified Health Coach and has extensively researched ways in which women can support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Over the last five years, Dr Asha has enjoyed working closely with women combining both her aesthetic skill and wellness research findings to achieve transformative results for her clients. She considers herself to be a conscious injector, understanding that beauty runs deeper than the surface and that each client requires a compassionate approach towards their own treatment journey to help enhance the natural beauty within them.

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