Why a solo holiday is one of the best things you can do for yourself


Why a solo holiday is one of the best things you can do for yourself

It’s not a hidden fact that I really like my holidays.. but trying to organise time off with family/friends started to become a little difficult due to different working schedules, commitments etc so I had to think of an alternative way I can travel.

I have never really been one for ‘solo travel’ but that all changed just over three years ago when I set off on my first solo trip to Spain which opened up a whole new way of travelling. I didn’t really want to go too far just in case I wasn’t comfortable and I also chose a retreat based holiday where I knew there would be others around so I didn’t feel too isolated. I had no idea what to expect to be honest!

But I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did because it was quite possibly one of the most life changing experiences i’ve ever had. Since then I promised myself that every year, I would take myself away for an annual solo holiday (and I have!) Each and every experience I have had has been hugely instrumental in my own personal transformation.

So why travel alone?

1. It’s all about you. Yes I guess you could argue that it sounds selfish but I call it self care.

It’s quite refreshing when you’re away and the only person you have to think about is yourself – where you want to go, what you want to eat, what you want to do….it really is self care to the max! A couple of times I have even completely switched my phone off and I cannot tell you how satisfying  ‘digital detoxing’ really is! It helps you really appreciate your surroundings and connect with ‘real life people!’

2.It’s a girls holiday without the attachment of the ‘girls’

You know when you want the laughs, the talks, the company – but you also want the ability to say ok I am going to bed now or.. I dont really fancy doing that.. without FOMO (fear of missing out) or all the negative feelings that can come with ‘not doing what everyone else is doing’. That is what you get when you solo travel! And you know what – there is zero judgement, you meet amazing girls and everyone is just showing up as their best selves!

3. You meet new and exciting people

Everyone assumes that solo travelling =  being completely on your own and feeling lonely but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case! Sometimes when you travel with people you already know you tend to stick to yourselves (I am guilty of this!) but being alone means you tend to integrate more. My last solo trip was to Bali and wow I cannot even begin to explain how incredible it was to meet such beautiful people and share some amazing memories. Each person I have spoken to that has travelled solo has said the best part is the people you meet along the way and I couldn’t agree more!

4. You learn things about yourself you never would have known otherwise

One of my best friends said to me that she wasn’t as brave as me and couldn’t do the whole ‘solo’ thing because she would get nervous. What she didn’t realise is that actually I was super nervous too! Bali was my first long haul solo trip and I remember actually saying to one of the ladies on my previous spain trip – ‘wow I don’t think I could do long haul on my own that’s so brave’ and she said ‘but all it is is that you stay on the plane for a little longer??’ and it really made sense to me! A lot of people assume solo travelling is just all positive and super cool Instagram photos but actually there were days where I was pretty nervous being out on my own too! Its normal 🙂 and I have realised sometimes we have to go beyond our comfort zone to experience the real beauty in life and build our own self confidence.

5. You can reflect on what you really want from life

I still remember being sat at the table listening to one of the retreat leaders who shared her story with us about how she had it ‘all’ in life – the business, the partner, the lifestyle but with this, she also had this uncomfortable feeling inside that there was much more to life than what society perceives to be the ‘ideal life’. I sat there thinking – I have that exact same feeling… this feeling inside that I am not living in true alignment with my purpose. It really inspired me and made me think about what is most important to me and I revalued how I actually want to live life. (In case you’re wondering she did actually give all of that up and move to Bali to pursue her dreams!)

Its all so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life without sitting down and asking yourself what it is you actually want life to be and by taking yourself away from that and spending time on yourself (and around completely different people with different mindsets) it can help bring you back to what is important to you.

I can guarantee you will return home with a newfound sense of clarity and peace. (However in all seriousness be warned.. you may return home and make some radical life changing decisions!!)

I hope this post has given you some confidence to take your own solo trip! I will at some point be posting some content about each of the individual trips to give you some insight into ‘retreat’ holidays! If you have any further questions about solo travelling please reach out to me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you! 🙂



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