How To Release Feel Good Hormones To Raise Your Vibe


How To Release Feel Good Hormones To Raise Your Vibe

The ultimate aim in life is to feel happy. We are all on our own pursuit of happiness. Quite often I ask myself what is real happiness and how can I be more happy?

Recently I came across the D.O.S.E concept – four main happy chemicals that raise our vibe!  And we all know what happens when we raise our vibe, through the law of attraction we attract even more goodness to us. So I thought I would write a blog post on how we can release these feel good hormones to up our positive state!

D- Dopamine

There is a reason that you feel happy every time you tick something off your to do list and its because of this hormone known as the ‘reward’ hormone. Each time you achieve a goal  you get a release of dopamine. A surefire way of getting that dopamine release is by setting yourself a big goal and breaking it down into small goals. Each time you accomplish every small goal you must celebrate and reward yourself! Working positively towards your goals helps you release dopamine and when you conquer that big goal – be prepared for an even bigger dopamine release!

O- Oxytocin

This is also known as the ‘cuddle’ hormone and is released in response to physical touch. It creates intimacy, trust, and builds healthy relationships. Over here in the UK  we have the least amount of physical touch during our day to day encounters with the US being marginally behind us. This can leave us feeling quite depleted. We dont have to go around hugging everyone to solve this but even a simple handshake can help the release of oxytocin. Those times where you do have a chance to hug someone whether it be friends, family or a partner take just a little longer than usual to help the release of oxytocin. Massage is also another way we can release oxytocin – this is why they feel so good! And if you’re very very British and cannot think of anything worse than physical contact then you may want to consider giving gifts, making someone happy through giving a gift you have thoughtfully selected also helps release oxytocin! (Or  you could just get a dog…that’s always a good idea)

S- Serotonin

The ‘gratitude’ hormone.  I am a huge fan of focusing on gratitude as it helps turbocharge our manifesting abilities. By simply writing down five things we are grateful for each day or by visualising a happy memory of the past this can help to stimulate the release of serotonin. It also flows when you feel significant or important too – now this doesn’t mean going around and bossing people about to get your serotonin surge but instead to work on your own sense of self confidence. Being part of a community and having a sense of belonging can also boost serotonin.

E- Endorphins

The ‘runners high’ hormone. It isn’t called runners high for no reason – its the euphoric feelings that marathon runners have after completing a long run (I wouldn’t know as I am dreadful at running) However this hormone gets released in response to all forms of exercise which is why we feel SO good after moving our bodies. We may not always feel motivated to exercise but always think about how you will feel once you have! Another way to release endorphins is through laughter. It could be watching an episode of a funny series or having a good laugh with friends, laughter is so good for the soul! And if that’s not good enough – well there is always chocolate to stimulate endorphin release! (The dark kind of course..)

One of the most crucial elements of the manifestation coaching I offer is helping my clients to feel good to attract their desires to them, this D.O.S.E concept is one of my go to tools!

I absolutely love how these hormones spell out D.O.S.E. because it is a dose.. not of medication but of feel good hormones! By incorporating even one of these elements into your everyday life you’re sure to feel happier. And by incorporating all four – well you’ll definitely be high for sure – high on feel good hormones!



I’m Dr Asha Chhaya

I Help Women Soften The Signs Of ageing And Feel At Home In Their body


Dr Asha Chhaya is a London based Aesthetic Doctor and Women’s Health Coach, helping women to soften the signs of ageing and feel at home in their body again.

Her career began at Kings College Dental School in London, where she graduated with an Honours degree and two prestigious awards marking her academic excellence. Shortly thereafter, Dr Asha knew her true passions lay in Integrative Health and Preventative Anti-Ageing and progressed to achieve a Level 7 qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine, being amongst the first students to achieve this qualification. Dr Asha is also a Certified Health Coach and has extensively researched ways in which women can support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Over the last five years, Dr Asha has enjoyed working closely with women combining both her aesthetic skill and wellness research findings to achieve transformative results for her clients. She considers herself to be a conscious injector, understanding that beauty runs deeper than the surface and that each client requires a compassionate approach towards their own treatment journey to help enhance the natural beauty within them.

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