Conscious of you, not just your appearance

Pro-ageing does not mean that we have to surrender to undesirable imperfections and changes that occur as we mature, it means feeling good in your own skin and doing whatever you can to age gracefully.

aesthetic treatment is only just half of the story

Elegant Anti-Ageing & The New Approach

You can tell a lot about a client’s overall wellbeing through assessing their appearance. 
Dr Asha’s unique approach to anti-ageing incorporates both wellness and beauty, as she feels they are both intimately connected. Aesthetic treatments are only part of the story. Whilst they are helpful, through incorporating a more integrative approach towards treatment by introducing simple lifestyle changes – including exercise, diet, sleep, dealing with underlying hormonal imbalances and even their level of happiness, significant transformative changes occur.

My Qualifications

why you can trust you are in safe hands

Bachelor of dental Surgery - 2011

graduating as one of the top students in my year with honours

level 7 in Aesthetic medicine

one of the very first graduates of this masters equivalent qualification

pHI clinic

initial training with world renowned dr tapan patel

2 highly prestigious awards

during dental school

lead trainer & Clinical Mentor

Previous role teaching aesthetic medicine with harley academy


treatments performed safely and successfully 

As dental professionals, we have an in-depth understanding of how faces are constructed – the musculature, bone structure, lips, mouth and teeth.  And we’re pretty adept at giving gentle injections. This puts us in a position of great experience when it comes to successfully finessing your face. Dr Asha enjoys the artistry that is involved in tailoring treatment to each individual to help enhance their best features.

it’s always good to have a chat

What Can You Expect From A Consultation With Myself

Many of my clients are quite nervous to make that first step but I can assure you that you will receive a very warm welcome and feel at ease immediately.

We will discuss what your main concerns are then we can both decide on a treatment journey that is specifically tailored to your needs.

I see beauty in each individual, even when they haven’t had any treatment, so my philosophy towards treatment is based on the art of minimalism, subtle changes that will enhance your existing beauty and leave you feeling the best version of yourself, whatever your age may be.

It is important that I give you all of the information you need including what to expect from treatment, how long it lasts, what the maintenance is and also any risks that may be involved. This is so that you can understand if treatment is the right path for you.

Often times I recommend clients start with a very simple treatment first to ease them into their aesthetic journey.

Be aware: It’s not uncommon for me to decline treatment if I feel that it may affect your appearance in a negative way! I value honesty and integrity and my existing clients can really vouch for that. My duty of care will always come first.

Once we have had a good chat you will then have plenty of time to think about what we have discussed and you’re welcome to reach out with any further questions you may have or even come back for a further consultation if this would make you feel more comfortable.

The Treatments


I think it is really important to educate my clients on the different treatments available to them so they are able fully understand the nature of the treatment before they make a decision if it is the right option for them. Naturally I will also guide them and offer them a tailored treatment plan based on their individual needs and aspirations


Line art to represent botox treatment london


Anti Wrinkle Treatments

ultimate guide

Minimally invasive treatments to help soften the appearance of wrinkles with little to no downtime, but with visible and natural results

line art of a female face to demonstrate dermal fillers london


Dermal Filler Treatments

ultimate guide

Subtle hyaluronic acid treatments to help restore volume loss and enhance the structure of the face.



Lip Filler Treatments

ultimate guide

 Treatments that can help to hydrate and refresh the lips whilst restoring volume lost due to ageing. 

Line art showing a face to demonstrate profhilo treatment



ultimate guide

Known as the injectable moisturiser, this treatment is hydrating and great for achieving a more radiant appearance.

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I would be delighted to invite you for a free aesthetic consultation with myself. I currently work from two main sites: SK:N clinics for my Nottingham based patients and Cosmetica for my London patients. You can contact each of these clinics directly (details below) and request an appointment with myself. For any other queries please get in touch with me directly using the link below. I look forward to giving you a warm welcome in person. Dr Asha Chhaya.

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