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achieve hormonal balance with

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Even though hormones decrease with age, replenishing them with Bio-Identical Hormones can result in increased energy, better memory, healthier heart, stronger bones and a more youthful glow!

Not Feeling Yourself?

Hormones Got You Feeling Out Of Sorts?

let's get you feeling your confident, radiant, self again with the help of hormone balancing therapy

let’s get you feeling your confident, radiant, self again with the help of hormone balancing therapy

Let me ask you, are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:

if this sounds about right, then keep on reading...

life doesn't quite feel the same

… you’re sick of

not feeling like yourself

… you cant remember the last time you had a good nights rest

… you feel these hormonal changes are dictating your life 

Does this sound like you?​

I know if you have reached this site,  you must be searching for answers because you can no longer tolerate the way you currently feel.

I can completely empathise. I know how it feels to lack vibrant health but not know which way to turn to advice.

It’s possible you may be feeling a little let down by the options available to you through your medical practitioner.

Perhaps you may have even tried treatments before which have left you feeling even more depleted and hopeless.

It can feel very overwhelming to know who to trust and its likely you’re questioning if you are always going to feel this way.

However I can assure you – not all hope is lost…

guess what?

Change is Possible


You deserve wellness, vitality and radiance and I’m here to help you get there.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a medical treatment that utilises plant based hormones that are an exact replica of the hormones naturally produced by our own body (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA) to help balance out hormonal balances observed and identified through thorough consultation and further investigations such as detailed blood analysis.

Compared to conventional HRT available through your GP, BHRT is low dose hormones, tailored to your individual needs to help minimise side effects.

What makes BHRT different to other therapies?

a few small differences

If symptoms have improved and stabilised, you will still be required to attend regular reviews 6-monthly or annually (this varies according to individual patient needs) with appropriate screening (recommended screening includes pelvic ultrasound scan to monitor endometrial thickness and health of the ovaries).* It is recommended that you contact the clinic if you experience any adverse symptoms and book an appointment sooner with your doctor.



Dr Asha Chhaya - Aesthetic Doctor London


I’m Dr Asha Chhaya

As much I wish you weren’t here (as you wouldn’t reach this page unless you had some specific health concerns) you’re here, and it is my promise that I will do my utmost best to get you feeling back to yourself in no time. 

My approach to treatment is generally conservative, and I always recommend the safest dosages and formulas possible. 

Whilst hormone therapy yields life-changing results, I am fortunate that my background knowledge in different wellness therapies means I that am able to adopt a multitudinal approach towards treatment  –  lifestyle shifts, diet advice and emotional support are needed to ensure your journey is a smooth one. 

It is incredibly important that you trust the person you seek to embark on this health journey with which is why I invite you to book your first consultation where we can get to know each other a little better.

However, I know that for many of you, you may still be a little hesitant and that is completely understandable. Please find below a free guide to BHRT that will provide more you with a little more in-depth information about BHRT.

If you do have any questions then please get in touch and I will personally respond to your query. I wish you success and health, whatever path you may choose to follow.


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BHRT is different from conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that is usually prescribed by GP’s in that it is classed as ‘Natural’. 

This means that the chemical structure of the Bioidentical Hormones is exactly the same as the hormones naturally produced by the body, so your body reacts to them as it would your own hormones.

Hormones used in HRT have a different chemical structure to your own hormones and therefore can act differently in the body which may result in side effects.

BHRT hormones are sourced from plant-based sources such as Mexican yams and soya beans – in comparison to synthetic hormones found in HRT where sources such as horses urine have been documented.

BHRT also allows for a more flexible approach, in which the combinations of hormones and dose can be altered to each individual’s needs rather than ‘standard dose’ one glove fits all type approach.

BHRT may be a great alternative for those where conventional HRT treatment may not have yielded the desired results or side effects may have occurred.

Each individual receives a comprehensive consultation where all questions and concerns are addressed to determine if BHRT is the right choice for them. This can depend on many factors including age, how long symptoms have been experienced for and any underlying medical conditions.

If suitable for treatment, all necessary medical tests are performed to ensure the safety of treatment prescribed. We offer the safest dose and formulas available for each individual and regular monitoring is carried out to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and identify any potential side effects.

Understandably, many women are concerned about the links between hormone therapy and breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to hormone-based therapy and its worth reaffirming that BHRT is different to conventional HRT. Please refer to the free BHRT guide for further information regarding these risks.

Treatment provided isn’t a generic ‘prescription only’ approach, that is not my aim. Fortunately, BHRT is adaptable and by providing individualised formulation of bioidentical hormones, we can maximise benefits of treatment whilst minimising the side effects and risks of hormone therapy.

Alongside this, we also discuss how to incorporate effective diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to promote overall wellness which is key to ensuring vibrant health is restored.

If hormones are prescribed at doses that are appropriate to the patients individual needs, it’s unlikely that side effects occur as these hormones are part of our physiology.

However, high levels of oestrogen can result in breast tenderness and bleeding, and high progesterone levels can lead to tiredness and depression. 

To prevent unwanted side effects we always start treatment at the lowest possible dosages.

This depends on what symptoms are being treated and personal preferences.

Most commonly, a topical cream formulation is prescribed containing your unique combination of hormones that is usually applied to the arm region.

Lozenges may also be prescribed.

Often you may feel better in a few days, but it can take up to eight weeks to feel the full benefits.

This means you may still continue to experience symptoms for the first few weeks.

If by eight weeks there is no change to symptoms, then we would recommend a further review to see if the dose of medication requires adjustment to achieve a better balance.

This is completely tailored to each individual. Some women may use BHRT as a temporary crutch to ease them through their hormonal changes, and others may decide to be on BHRT for a little longer to provide them with further support.

Everyone’s hormonal journey is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. We take this into consideration when discussing the appropriate length of time to be on BHRT.

We are happy to provide BHRT treatment for as long as required if it continues to contribute to your wellbeing.

Please feel free to email [email protected] for any further questions you may have. 

Also don’t forget to scroll down below to download your ultimate guide to BHRT!

Please note: We are unable to offer medical advice via email or phone. An appointment is required so that we can establish a full history of yourself and then advise appropriately.

Click here to get in touch and arrange an appointment. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected] to express your interest in a consultation.

Ready to Begin?

A  summary of our initial consultation prices.

£300 consultation fee


Consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home via ZOOM at a time that suits you best

LOCATION: UK – online consultation


£300 consultation fee


Consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home via ZOOM at a time that suits you best

LOCATION: UK – online consultation


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your consultation, neither am I!

I am confident in my ability to help you with your hormone problems, and I’d like you to be too.

If after your initial consultation you feel that this therapy is not for you, I will honor a full refund of your consultation fee

Peace of mind when you need it the most  💕


Good, because I have something for you!
For further information about Bioidentical Hormones, Download your free mini guide to BHRT

I always like to educate my patients in their own health so they understand their bodies further and therefore make informed choices. I have put together a mini document providing further details about BHRT and would encourage anyone seeking treatment to give it a little read!

Ready to take control of your hormones?

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