I Help Women Soften The Signs Of ageing

And Feel At Home In Their body

There is so much emphasis on looking good, but this just half of the story. Feeling good is the key to any successful treatment.

Through combining my medical aesthetic expertise with the comprehensive wellness knowledge acquired through becoming a certified health coach, my unique approach towards all treatments is the secret formula that will have you feeling best self in no time. 

happy ladies smiling

not feeling yourself?

Tired of looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with your appearance? Constantly feeling drained?

you are not alone

Through my experience over the years as an aesthetic doctor, I have been fortunate to meet and consult many different women by providing a safe, respectful environment to discuss their needs and at times being trusted as their confidante.

It was quickly apparent to me that although these women come from different paths in life, there seemed to be recurrent theme of lack.

Lack of energy, Lack of Confidence, Lack of inspiration, Lack of youth


I studied these concerns, as well as embarking on a journey of self discovery myself because it was evident that this external reality was also a picture of my own internal reality.

I enrolled at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I studied  to become a Certified Health Coach – a year long course taught by world experts such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Oz, Mark Hyman. I read book after book, implemented my learnings and once I had a good understanding of wellness I embarked on a project of my own to slowly unravel the meaning of ‘real beauty’.


I invested in myself and made positive changes to my own life I experimented to see what works for me so that I can bring the teachings of my learnings to women across the world who can benefit from this. 

I understood that real beauty is a women who is truly confident in their own skin, honors their truth, radiates wellness, understands self compassion and is resilient when the going gets tough.

My mission has always been to place purpose on what I do and to have a positive impact on every individual I meet. Having gained a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas of wellness which has helped myself thrive in my own health and wellbeing, I incorporate these very changes I have implemented (not just read about there is a difference!), into my work to create lasting changes for my clients meaning that they leave me feeling refreshed, inspired but also calm, rested and feeling healthy, ready to take on life.

How I can help

services I provide to get you feeling your best in no time

Please browse of the different services available. If you feel you require a more specialised approach, email me at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to discuss with you the best step forward. 


jade roller and skincare serum




jade roller and skincare serum

Fed up of spending a fortune on multiple products that promise to offer results but only disappoint? Confused with how to build a skincare routine that is best suited for your skin? Head on over to this section for information on my approach to skincare.

mirror for skincare


Facial Aesthetics


mirror for skincare

Thinking of dabbling into the world of aesthetics but worried about looking ‘fake’? My approach to treatment is minimal. Subtle enhancements that can help you to look the best you can for your age in the most natural way. No-one would suspect a thing! 


Bioidentical Hormones


Reached the stage in life where a shift in your hormones which has left you feeling not quite yourself? Let me reassure you, there is always a solution. Head on over to this section to see if bioidentical hormones feels right to you


Dr Asha Chhaya - Aesthetic Doctor London

A warm Welcome!

I’m Dr Asha Chhaya

Fueled by equal parts herbal tea and passion, I spend my days either unleashing my creativity through the aesthetic treatments I provide or engaging with my left brain to create bespoke hormonal wellness plans that help women regain the energy and vitality they have been longing for. 

I believe in heartfelt conversations. Honesty and trust is always at the forefront of my work and nothing makes me feel happier at work than creating transformative results with my wonderful clients!



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Successful aesthetic treatments performed


years experience in the medical field

4-6 weeks

average wait for an appointment (unless you get lucky!)


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is for level 7 in aesthetics medicine – one of the first graduates


”OMG, YOU ARE THE BEST” reactions from clients

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